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Philips Thermal Knee Massager
Philips Thermal Knee Massager
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Philips Knee Massager (PPM5521)

Philips Thermal Knee Massager Electric Leg Joint Heating Vibration Massage Therapy Elbow Brace Arthritis Pain
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1. Airwave airwave technology, 4 modes to choose from, 10 zones of airbags around the package massage, the use of FloatFit knee care technology;

2. 3-speed temperature sensing hot compress, large area of rapid heating, accelerate soothing relaxation, drive away the cold knee;

3. 3D wrapped around the knee, comfortable to wear, fully enjoy the massage effect;

4. Large touch screen + voice prompts, simple and easy to use, easy to use family;

5. Built-in 4000mAh high-capacity battery can support 90min long time use, get rid of the bondage of wired;

6. 15 minutes of intelligent timing, to prevent excessive massage, safe and worry-free.