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Pre-Order Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum
Pre-Order Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum
Pre-Order Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum
Pre-Order Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum
Pre-Order Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum
Pre-Order Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum
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Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum

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Take detailed cleaning to a whole new level with L20 Ultra, a fully automatic MopExtend™ robot vacuum and mop that cleans floors and cleans itself. L20 Ultra's myriad of cutting-edge technologies combines mop extension and mops removal, highest 7,000Pa of suction power in industry , auto dust collection, mop washing and drying, water and solution adding, automatic water refilling and draining, advanced AI-powered navigation, worry-free CleanGenius, and more to make daily home cleaning fully automatic.


7,000Pa Suction Power - Highest Suction in Industry

L20 Ultra has the industry's largest suction force of 7000Pa , and is equipped with a liftable full-rubber roller brush that resists hair entanglement, so that hair, dirt, dust, and even small debris have nowhere to hide. It can also detect "carpets" and floors of different materials, automatically adjust the suction power, and penetrate deep into the gaps, so that all kinds of dust and particles can't hide.


MopExtend™ Technology - FIRST in Industry

L20 Ultra is equipped with the exclusive and first bionic robotic arm, which imitates the cleaning habit of a real person mopping the floor by hand. It automatically expands when it encounters corners , and no longer needs to be manually repaired for edge cleaning. Wipe, the world's first patent leading the new technology in the sweeping and mopping industry , "reach out" to wipe the corners, and there will be no dead ends in cleaning.


Auto Mops Removal - FIRST in Industry

L20 Ultra will auto remove its mop pads at its base station before vacuuming thick carpets to prevent wetting or dirtying the carpet.


CleanGenius™ - Dirt Detection Technology

Equipped with an optical intelligent dirt detection system , each time the mop is washed back, it detects the degree of dirt of the mop, and automatically rewashes the heavily soiled mop, washing twice is better than washing once cleaner! AI intelligence can identify room, furniture, and floor materials , and combine usage habits and dirty maps to automatically develop the best cleaning plan.


3D Structured Light + AI Camera + Auto LED Light Illumination

AI Action visual obstacle avoidance lens, can identify more than 55 kinds of obstacles , precise obstacle avoidance, you can directly see the type of obstacle on the App map, click on the icon to see it with photos of obstacles to facilitate follow-up movement to ensure that each floor is really clean. With the Auto LED light, it can also illuminate in the dark for seamless navigation.


10.5mm Mop-Raising & LIftable Rubber Brush - Highest Mop Raising in Industry

The highest and most complete mopping system in the industry must be equipped with the most intelligent mop lifting mechanism to avoid unnecessary secondary pollution. When the L20 Ultra detects a short-haired carpet, it will also actively raise the mop by 10.5mm to avoid wetting the carpet and the roller brush.


Auto Water Refill & Drain - Water Hookup Kit (Optional)

It can be installed with a water and sewage module, which can automatically change clean water and pour sewage. No need to manually empty or refill your heavy water tanks anymore!


Remote Video Camera + Control - (TUV Privacy Security Certification)

Remote image and two-way voice interaction, human figure recognition and follow, where to sweep, new upgraded two-way interactive image housekeeper, sweeping machine and mobile phone can make two-way calls, remote can tease children and furry children at home, do not miss every moment of children's growth . Added the function of following the figure, and you can scan wherever you go.


Multi-Functional Base Station - Ultimate Hands Free

L20 Ultra has auto refill detergent, dust collection, water refill & drain, mop hot air drying. Enjoy fully automated care and maintenances for your robot!



  • Strongest 7,000Pa Suction
  • MopExtend™
  • Auto Mops Removal
  • CleanGenius™
  • 3D AI Camera + Auto LED Illumination


🧭 Navigation

  • Mapping Sensor: LDS, 3D Structured Light + AI, Auto LED Light Illumination
  • Objects Recognition (Front Camera) / Obstacle Avoidance: Yes


🧹 Cleaning Features

  • Suction Power: 7,000 Pa
  • Dust Box Capacity: 300ml
  • Robot Vacuum Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 10.4 cm 
  • Base Station Dimensions: 60.7 x 42.6 x 49.9 cm 
  • Dust Bag Capacity: 3.2L (Up to 75 days)


🧽 Mopping features

  • Clean / Used Water Tank Capacity: 4.5L / 4.0L
  • Auto Mop Washing / Hot Air Drying: Yes
  • Auto Water/Detergent Refilling: Yes
  • Auto Mop Lifting: Yes (10.5mm*)


🔋 Battery

  • Battery Capacity: 6,400 mAh (Fast Charging)
  • Battery Life: 260 mins (Vacuuming/Mopping in Quiet Mode) 
  • 180 mins (Vacuuming & Mopping in Quiet Mode)


⚙ Usability & Control

  • Wi-Fi Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
  • Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant / Siri Support: Yes
  • Noise Level: 63 dB



2 YEARS Dreame Official Warranty is automatically activated when shipped to buyer.